AdRay Hot Melt Adhesive Series
AdRay is a series of hot melt adhesives developed by Shenzhen Alchemy Company for heat shrinking and heat shrinking related industries. After 66 years of application of chemical technology accumulation, 20 years of research and development and manufacturing of hot melt adhesives focused on the heat shrinking industry, and joint development with a number of heat shrinking industry manufacturers, the Ai Derui series products have been included in automobiles, power grids, electronics, It is used by many well-known enterprises at home and abroad in communications, aerospace and shipbuilding industries.
Hot Melt Adhesive Features
Environmental protection

Hot melt adhesiveis a plastic adhesive. Its physical state changes with temperature within a certain temperature range, and its chemical properties are unchanged, non-toxic and tasteless, low VOC, and environmentally friendly. product. Because the product itself is solid, easy to package, transport, storage, solvent-free, non-polluting, non-toxic; and the production process is simple, high value-added, high bonding strength, fast speed and other advantages are favored.

High bonding strength




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